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Ecuador, a secret cultural wonder of stunning location after another, beckons to you who have been seeking your new chapter in life.Sidebars:

If you have been considering calling Ecuador home, let's drill into the exciting details of applying for residency- an adventure full of requirements, schedules, cultural discoveries and permissions fees that aren't outlandish.


Setting off on your residency journey means choosing which visa category is suitable for you. Whether you're a foreign investor, pensioner, or professional, bring along your passport, proof about your financial situation or your investment, a clean copy of your criminal record and strong health insurance.


Imagine this: a few months from now you can be sipping coffee in Quito or touring the Gal perched on the back of a tortoise. Ecuador's resident application process is famous for moving rapidly up--provided all required documents are prepared in good time and sent off before their deadline, there is no reason why your future will not unfurl according to plan.


Regard the apostille as your ticket to heaven. In the country to which you are moving, documents such as birth certificates and marriage certificates which are essential for day-to-day life all need certification outside sovereignty--an apostille issued by one's native government. This is your passport to a life with Ecuador.

Cultural Revelations:

Cultural Festival is Coming! Even though Spanish is the official language, don't allow the barrier of dialect differences deter you. Instead, try to get along with this warm local culture. Speak Spanish wherever possible. Get involved in local activities, and you'll change your culture-shock into a pleasant dance in spring.


Yes, money always matters. But don't worry, Ecuador won't damage your bank balance too badly. Residency fees are reasonable and vary according to the category of visa you choose. From application fees to legal expenses, budgeting for the journey to getting residency in Ecuador is a wise thing to do--saving oneself stress during this process means savings in two ways!

Besides, the road to Ecuadorian residence is an exhilarating one. With its reasonable requirements, swift handling and multifarious cultural vehicles, the efficient immigration system of Ecuador is your friend in this quick introduction to a new life. So, get set for an exciting adventure — Ecuador awaits you with open arms and promises of high spirits on your return home."


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