Getting a Driver's License in Ecuador

Getting a Driver’s License in Ecuador

The topic of driver’s licenses has been a recurrent topic in the last months. At EcuaAssist, we have had clients that have exchanged their license obtained abroad for an equal Ecuadorian driver´s license, as well as those who have obtained theirs for the first time.

Since January 11th, 2016, the requirement of having to take to driving course for about three weeks and then pass theoretical and practical tests was eliminated. Now the law gives Ecuadorian and foreign drivers two options, among others, which are described below:


Bringing a certificate proving that you already having a driver’s license in your country of origin. This document must be duly apostilled for it to be valid in the exchange process. The advantage of this process is that the person does not have to do the driving test; further down, I will explain how it is related to the second option of the process, which is to obtain a license in Ecuador. The requisites are the following:


  • 18 years old or older

  • Knowing how to write and read in Spanish

  • Original and copy of cedula (Ecuadorian citizenship card)

  • Original and copies of Passport and visa

  • Original and copy of foreign license

  • Certificate of having a valid license duly apostilled.

  • Two current color Passport size photos.

  • Original of the blood type certificate from institutes approved by the Health Ministry of Ecuador (You can find all the Ecuadorian Red Cross contacts in Ecuador at the following address:!/catid=1)

  • Pass the psycho-sensometric test

  • Pass the theoretical exam in Spanish:

  • take the 20 questions exam: go to the ANT website at and download the “banco de preguntas” to study for the test ( and to make an appointment;

  • there is also an online 20 question test simulator that you can use to practice for the exam;

  • the questions are in Spanish but EcuaAssist can provide you with a list of the test questions in English:!driving-test/c1q77.

  • License exchange Form (available at

  • Payment of the exchange fee 135USD

  • Note 1: The psycho-sensometric test it is done at a driving school accredited by ANT, and it checks the reflexes and coordination of people. Normally, this exam costs USD 20.

Note 2: The theoretical exam is taken at the National Transit Agency, and assistance from any person during the exam is forbidden.

  • Process:

  • Payment of the form at an authorized payment center, the amount to be paid is 135USD;

  • Make an appointment on the ANT Webpage;

  • Your number will be called by a machine;

  • Proceed to the counter that will be designated to you so they can update your information and do the vision test;

  • Take the theoretical exams, in the case of failing it the first time you must go back after 8 days