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Bien sea que estés vendiendo o comprando un vehículo en Ecuador, este es un formulario que te permite generar de forma automática el contrato de compra o venta de un vehículo en Ecuador.

Lo más importante es que cumple con todas las formalidades legales en Ecuador para la compra o venta de un vehículo.


Here at EcuaAssist, you can get you car sale contract filled out very easily, in three simple steps:

All the information required to buy or sell a vehicle

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Before an Ecuadorian Notary




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What is a Car sales Contract?

A Car sales contract is a document that states the obligations of the buyer and seller of the car. It is an important procedure when transferring a vehicle.

What document do I need to sign a Car Sales Contract?

To sign a car sales contract you need your cedula or passport. Documents as a driver’s license or other identification documents are not valid to sign a legal document.

How does the Car Sales Contract can go into effect?

The car sales contract goes into effect at the moment it is signed or registered at the notary office.

What information includes the car sales contract and who sign it?

The car sales contract includes the date and place of granting the contract.


The information of the buyer and seller, names, last names and IDs.


It also includes the signature of buyer and seller, the description of the vehicle, model, version, year, number of license plate, engine, extras that includes,the state in which the car is, the vehicle data as registration, chassis number and mileage, the price accorded to pay for the vehicle and the method of payment.


It is important to sign two copies of the contract, one for each of the parties.

Do I must sign a car sales contract in front of the notary officer?

Notarizing the car sales contract gives the buyer and seller the support of having a legal document of the registry of the sale of the vehicle which is really important in case of having any problem after the selling as fines or transit infractions that could be generated and charged to the owner of the vehicle that appears on the registration.  

What are the steps that I need to follow to sign a car sales contract?

First, It is important to check the condition of the vehicle you are going to buy.

Make sure that the person selling the vehicle is the owner, and in the case the seller is married, the car must be sold together with his/her spouse


Review that the car hasn’t fined pending of payment.


Review that the car hasn’t any prohibition of selling

When the sales contract (or the window sticker) says the buyer is purchasing the car "as is," what does that mean?

When you buy a car "as is" that means that there is no warranty on the car at all.

How do you use my personal data?

The information given in this form just will be used to fill out the information for the car sales contract and for giving information related to the process.

What extra fees will I have to pay if I decide to purchase the car?

Generally the payment at the notary office for signing the car sales contract is done by the buyer. Also, the expenses for the transfer of domain which are done after the signing of the car sales contract are done by the buyer. 

Documents needed to sign a Car sales contract:

Cedula or passport of the buyer and the seller (In case that the seller is married the cedula or passport of the partner)

Certificate of voting for Ecuadorian citizens.

In case that the buyer or seller is a legal person, copy of the designation of the legal representative and copy of the RUC 

Car registration certificate with the name of the seller

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