October 10, 2019


In Ecuador, the article 15 of the Code of Medical Ethics in Ecuador states: “The Doctor / Practitioner will not make any surgical intervention without previous authorization from the patient, if the patient cannot authorize it by itself,...

December 12, 2013


When we talk about having access to fresh food, most folks probably think of fruits and vegetables…and that’s true! When we go to the open market, veggies laying in bins have been freshly harvested and are often still covered in field dirt. Clusters of fruit often lie...

November 12, 2013



“What is this? It looks familiar and the taste takes me back to my early childhood. It’s delicious! What do you call this thing?” “It’s a tomato”, Diane said. “It’s a fresh tomato.”


So Ecuador is a developing nation; apparently not yet developed to the point where th...

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Regulations to the Human Mobility Act was signed by President Lenin Moreno

August 6, 2017

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